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J.R. Celski

JR CelskiThe short track speedskater at the Vancouver Olympics who has been garnering all “the buzz” is J.R. Celski. He’s been drawing attention despite the fame of his teammate¬† Apolo Anton Ohno and the historic nature of Ohno’s tying or surpassing the record for most medals won by an American Winter Olympian. Celski is the cute little guy with the powerful legs, and the finesse to place them precisely where they need to be in the madcap and bunched up sport of short track.

The thing that has given him a lot of buzz this Olympics, even though he is still behind Apolo, is that his success in Vancouver seemed so unlikely (like impossible) only five months before, after a horrific accident in which he sliced his leg to the bone with the blade of his own skate.

In was at the U.S. Olympic Trials for short track speedskating in September, 2009, that Celski crashed in the semifinals of the 500m race and cut open his left leg with the sharp blade of his right skate. The cut was 6″ wide and 2″ deep. Celski had to actually pull the blade out his leg, which then started bleeding profusely on to the ice. The cut had gone through the muscle and missed his femoral artery by only about an inch. Seeing what had happened, laying on the ice, Celski first thought that his skating career was over.

Fortunately, after the injury was closed with about 60 stitches, Celski started thinking about recovering and getting back on his feet as soon as possible. He went into rehabilitation under the care of Dr. Eric Heiden, the legendary skater who has five Olympic gold medals and who is now an orthopedic surgeon. In a month, Celski was able to walk without crutches. By November, he was back on the ice, but it was only two months to the Olympics and he could only skate very carefully and very slowly. Somehow, through miraculous internal drive, Celski used that two months to get back into world-class shape. Not many people could do that after such a terrible injury and in such a short period of time.

JR Celski gay?Celski had been placed on the U.S. team after the trials, so it was just a matter of him getting better so that he could compete at Vancouver. Once there, most people would consider him a success if he just stayed up with the pack during his events. Amazingly, because of a crash between Korean skaters who outsmarted themselves in their team racing effort, Celski was able to win the bronze medal in the 1500m: J.R. Celski bronze in 1500 m

J.R. (John Robert) Celski has shown he can be a star like Apolo on the ice. It was Apolo who actually inspired Celski to get into short track, when Celski watched Apolo compete in the 2002 Winter Olympics. About that J.R. said, “I remember watching [Apolo in the 1500m in 2002], sitting on my living room floor with my mom. And watching him raise his arms in triumph after he won this race. It was the single defining moment that brought me over to short track speedskating. We’re from the same area, we’re training together now, and to be able to be part of this experience is awesome. Just watching [again a video of Apolo winning] made my heart melt.”

Prior to speed skating, J.R. Celski was a champion inline skater. His breakthrough performance in speed skating came in 2009 when he won five medals at the World Championships in Vienna, finishing 2nd overall.

During the 2010 Winter Olympics, J.R. Celski could also been seen in national commercials for Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and McDonald’s.

J.R. Celski shirtless with muscle bulge.

Boudia And Finchum Sink To The Bottom

It’s all over for our Hoosier 10m platform divers at the Beijing Olympics. A combination of disappointing performances in the final by the two, David Boudia and Thomas Finchum, and fantastic dives by the rest of the roster, pushed the pair down to end in 10th and 12th place. They are both still teenagers so hopefully we will see them in London in 2012 where they can grab a medal to bring back to Indiana.

I will miss seeing the timidity and waif-look of Thomas Finchum when he is shown off the platform. I will miss seeing David Boudia compulsively rubbing his backside while on the platform and pulling down the end of his swimsuit over his left buttock after he dives. I may not miss as much Boudia spitting in the shower or seeing Finchum do his strange form of two finger whistle. In general, I really liked the camera that moved downward with the divers. It showed the velocity of the dives and how incredible it is that anyone could do twists and turns in that short a time at 30 mph.

Perhaps the thing I will miss most is the magic hair of the divers, which went from soaking wet to fashionably styled in between each dive. A half hour and a blow dryer doesn’t get me anywhere near as good a result.

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Stars Of The Springboard

Alex DespatieThe men in the 3m springboard diving competition at the Beijing games may be small in stature but what is more important is that they are Olympic sized pouch packers. Their powerful legs put a lot of pressure on the board when they jump, but the pressure on the stretch fabric of the front of their Speedos really shows off their physicality.

Two of the most well sprung divers are America’s Troy Dumais and Canada’s Alex Despatie. They both get high marks for their degree of enormity and set the standard for the meet.

Under the circumstances, there’s no way for the divers to present themselves modestly so I assume Troy pointing himself downward and fellow American Chris Colwill going side to side is only for their own comfort. I’m just glad it hasn’t bothered the television network enough for them to start using massive pixelation in this case to protect its viewers from over-stimulation.

Interestingly, water is suppose to cause noticeable shrinkage of the male anatomy, so it is hard to imagine how much bigger are the boys before they jump in the pool. I’d be fine with them either way as this is one situation where I wouldn’t mind being rode hard and put away wet (literally).

Finchum And Boudia Sync Dream Sunk

The American 10 meter synchronized Olympic pair of Thomas Finchum and David Boudia finished in 5th place in the final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It looks like the medal drought in diving is going to continue a little longer. They were less than five points away from the bronze medal score, which was earned by the Russians. The Chinese and Germans came in first and second.

Boudia and Finchum are residents of Indiana, where the U.S. national diving training center is located as is the USA Diving headquarters.

Both Boudia and Finchum have another opportunity to bring a medal back to the Hoosier state when they compete individually in the 10 meter platform event on 8/23.

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