Stars Of The Springboard

Alex DespatieThe men in the 3m springboard diving competition at the Beijing games may be small in stature but what is more important is that they are Olympic sized pouch packers. Their powerful legs put a lot of pressure on the board when they jump, but the pressure on the stretch fabric of the front of their Speedos really shows off their physicality.

Two of the most well sprung divers are America’s Troy Dumais and Canada’s Alex Despatie. They both get high marks for their degree of enormity and set the standard for the meet.

Under the circumstances, there’s no way for the divers to present themselves modestly so I assume Troy pointing himself downward and fellow American Chris Colwill going side to side is only for their own comfort. I’m just glad it hasn’t bothered the television network enough for them to start using massive pixelation in this case to protect its viewers from over-stimulation.

Interestingly, water is suppose to cause noticeable shrinkage of the male anatomy, so it is hard to imagine how much bigger are the boys before they jump in the pool. I’d be fine with them either way as this is one situation where I wouldn’t mind being rode hard and put away wet (literally).

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